A few more gcc-13 bugs

October 21, 2022

Another 6 months have passed since I wrote anything about gcc bugs. gcc-13 should release around April next year (in about 6 months). Being in the middle I’m dumping another set of bugs bugs I encountered:

I won’t focus on any of the bugs in detail here as they are quite boring this time.

As usual ICEs are simple to minimize and reduce. Runtime failures are hardest to deal with. Especially tough one was the llvm-14 hangup. It took me a few attempts at minimizing the example. I failed all of them. Luckily someone found a smaller unrelated reproducer and the bug was fixed.

Bug pace makes it about 2 new bugs a week. Still barely manageable :)

As usual here is a set of upcoming changes in gcc-13: https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-13/changes.html. A few more cstdint headers would have to be added to various upstreams.

Have fun!