Inline graphviz dot in hakyll

October 6, 2023

A while ago I added .dot file support into this blog and used it on “How do shared library collisions break?” post.

The change was very easy and helped me a bit to add more visual arrows into posts that came after.

The result was fine for larger .dot files, but one-liners were a bit clumsy to insert into a stand alone external file. I tried to add a quick support for inline .dot syntax and failed.

But today I had enough time to actually finish it and behold!

This is generated by the following snippet:

    digraph {
      node [shape=box]
      B [shape=egg]
      A -> B [label="i am dotted" style=dotted color=red]
      A -> C [solor=blue]
      B -> C -> A [color=green]

The full change ended up being very small thanks to pandoc and hakyll’s unixFilter:

inlineDotWithGrapthviz :: TP.Pandoc -> Compiler TP.Pandoc
inlineDotWithGrapthviz = TPW.walkM inlineDot

inlineDot :: TP.Block -> Compiler TP.Block
inlineDot cb@(TP.CodeBlock (id, classes, namevals) contents)
  | lookup "render" namevals == Just "dot"
  = TP.RawBlock (TP.Format "html") . DT.pack <$> (unixFilter "dot" ["-Tsvg"] (DT.unpack contents))
inlineDot x = return x

Here we traverse the pandoc representation of markdown and substitute {render=dot} for the raw output of dot -Tsvg tool call. Easy!

If you never saw what graphviz is capable have a loot at their gallery.

Have fun!