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re2c::State Struct Reference

#include <adfa.h>

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Public Member Functions

 State ()
 ~State ()

Public Attributes

label_t label
size_t fill
bool isPreCtxt
bool isBase
Go go
Action action

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file adfa.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

re2c::State::State ( )

Definition at line 35 of file adfa.h.

36  : label (label_t::first ())
37  , rule (NULL)
38  , next (0)
39  , fill (0)
40  , isPreCtxt (false)
41  , isBase (false)
42  , go ()
43  , action ()
44  {}
bool isPreCtxt
Definition: adfa.h:30
size_t fill
Definition: adfa.h:28
RuleOp * rule
Definition: adfa.h:26
Action action
Definition: adfa.h:33
label_t label
Definition: adfa.h:25
static label_t first()
bool isBase
Definition: adfa.h:31
Go go
Definition: adfa.h:32
State * next
Definition: adfa.h:27
re2c::State::~State ( )

Definition at line 45 of file adfa.h.

46  {
47  operator delete (go.span);
48  }
Go go
Definition: adfa.h:32
Span * span
Definition: go.h:175

Member Function Documentation

re2c::State::FORBID_COPY ( State  )

Member Data Documentation

Action re2c::State::action

Definition at line 33 of file adfa.h.

size_t re2c::State::fill

Definition at line 28 of file adfa.h.

Go re2c::State::go

Definition at line 32 of file adfa.h.

bool re2c::State::isBase

Definition at line 31 of file adfa.h.

bool re2c::State::isPreCtxt

Definition at line 30 of file adfa.h.

label_t re2c::State::label

Definition at line 25 of file adfa.h.

State* re2c::State::next

Definition at line 27 of file adfa.h.

RuleOp* re2c::State::rule

Definition at line 26 of file adfa.h.

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